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Eternity by RobinHedberg

This is so well done in every way, I feel it come out of my computer screen. The way it is posed, how it is such a close-up view, it's ...


The fog descends.
The fog ascends.
I try to explain the forest again.
It isn't just trees.
It was never just trees.

So it goes
It comes and goes.

Remember the name of the forest.
I do.
I do.
I remember.
But I still don't know what it means.

Trying to recall the details
Of every dream I have ever had.

Forgetting what color the sky was.

See the grass, the soil it grows from.
Sometimes I just stop and stare into the ground.
Stare into space,
Stare at the clouds.

The clouds become everything.
The clouds disappear.

And then sometimes,
Sometimes the sky forgets.

Or maybe it was just me.
Forgetting who I was, and thinking I am the sky.
No, that wasn't it.
That never happened.

But I did fall asleep.
I slept on it.
And then...

I woke up,
And nothing much had happened.
Very unsatisfying.
But not unusual.
Because I said some stuff that sounded really good once...
Or, you know, several times-

I thought
That's nice, but,
If I can't do it all the time,
I just am useless, right?

Must be consistent.
Must be consistent.
Must be consistent.


If you don't have reliability, predictability, then who can depend on you?

Yeah, yeah, I know it's nice to be able to count on things.
If today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, not Monday.
If this year is 2015, next year is 2016, not 1859, or 2264.
The Earth is in orbit around the Sun, not vice-versa.
(Though people did once think it the reverse. But I digress.)

But I digress!

There I go again!

No, no, can't count on me, can you?

But can you ever truly count on anyone?
Or anything, beyond certain basics?

Or is it more just that you want to think you can take it for granted,
That the store you love shopping at will still be open five years from now?
That your best friend will always be your best friend?
That your world will not be upside down tomorrow?

But you cannot guarantee any of that.
(Well, the world will probably not be in any literal sense "upside down", but...)

Things change.
That is what you can rely on.
You can rely on never being able to wade across the same stream twice.
That's reliability.
That's consistent.
Inconsistency is consistent.
Change is always there.

And you've probably heard this before.
I'm not saying anything truly new.
Except I did.
Even when I myself have said it before.
Because this time, I'm saying it with these specific words,
In this particular arrangement.
(Not that I was all that particular about it, but...)

When someone else said something similar, it wasn't exactly the same either.
It was different.
A different time,
A different place.
Words arranged differently,
Not all of the same words.

So, what I'm saying, is,
That this is what I'm saying.

And I do want to try to be more consistent with the good things I do.
Don't get me wrong.
I like it when my internet connection works as expected.
I like it when things I like stay the way I like them.

All I'm saying is,
Things change.
And you can't change that.

And actually, I know that isn't exactly the same point as what I started off with...
But you know what?
I'm OK with that.
The More Things Change, the More I Write the Same
I really am OK with that.
For now.
But who knows, it might change...
Hello, birds.
How do you like the snow?
I am a bit tired of it myself.
At least it went away for a short while.
I hope it truly looks like spring after this.

But you know,
Every year has a winter.
And a spring.
And a summer.
And an autumn.

The specifics vary a little.
Some years are better, some are worse.

Do you realize 1975 was forty years ago?
I know, something, isn't it?
Don't know what it is, but surely it's something.
Summer thing.
No, got to have spring first.
And when it is summer, I'll say it's too hot anyway.
Am I right, birdies?

Well, anyway,
Have a nice day.
Carry on being birds.

Thanks, birds!
Hello Birds
When you put out some stuff for the birds to eat, and it's snowing, and whatever.
If anyone is still paying attention, yes, I am still in existence!
How do people know if they are fearless,
Or if they just don't know that they should fear?

Is it a lack of order?
What would the faeries say?

Snowing at the end of March,
I guess it could be worse.

Mist and fog can cloud your mind.

Is this still verse?

"It is what it is".
People say that.
And you know what?
It's true.
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: signs.
  • Eating: because I have to.
  • Drinking: I wish.

I was a relatively happy child.

Certainly very happy for one who never fit in well with others.

I only needed one or two friends.

It wasn't until my teen years that I was ever miserable.

And even then, I was not truly depressed. Not in a clinical sense.

College had new stresses, but also good, better things.

It was the years after 30 that started to really suck.

This is what I think of when I hear someone still saying "It gets better".


Can you tell me when?

I'm probably older than you, and even with perspective that allows me to not cry and scream about things like I did at 20, I do NOT feel better.

Calmer in itself is not better.

What am I even saying?

This isn't what "It gets better" is about, I know. But I'm just saying, I may have improved, but the general public is still the general public. Life is still life. Things still cost money, and it still doesn't grow on trees. But that whole message of "It gets better" somehow seems to imply that you are not the only thing that will change in such a way- that external circumstances will improve, too. 

Which is bullshit.

Things will change.

Everything changes.

But whether for better or worse, you cannot guarantee.

My life is different than 10 or 20 years ago.

Is it better?

That is very hard to say. Better in some ways, worse in others. 


Kathleen Shimp
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am an ancient being who graduated with a BFA back in the 1990's. I love my cats. I'm an old-school Goth but also like a good laugh.

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